TRANSPORTATION: Union Station, Denver

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The entire nation is watching the revitalization of Denver’s historic Union Station and its transformation into a major hub for light rail, bus and train travel. At completion, this amazing FasTracks/RTD/Amtrak system will tie Denver International Airport to downtown Denver and provide a destination experience with residential and commercial opportunities. More than $500 million in transit funding is fueling the initial project.

Legacy has been onsite since Fall 2010 in a design/assist capacity, responsible for all mechanical, plumbing and HVAC work in the underground bus station. The area is massive—some five city blocks—and the time frame is three years.

“Green” is reflected twice in this project’s profile. Not only is it a model for environmental sustainability, experts also estimate that development on the 40-acre site surrounding the hub will generate $1.5 billion over the next few years.