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Farmers, florists, restaurateurs, and brewmasters all share one fact in common: successful business depends on reliable, high-quality refrigeration units. Walk-in cooler systems are a must for these businesses to be able to stock and preserve enough product to meet customer demands. When it comes to walk-in coolers, it can be daunting to consider all the different makes, models, and options available. This brief guide will simplify the clutter and focus on your needs by asking a few questions. Read further to start brainstorming a plan for the walk-in cooler that meets your needs.

1.   Where will you put your walk-in cooler?

Among the first decisions you will have to make is whether to buy an indoor or outdoor walk-in cooler refrigeration system. While either will keep your food at a safe temperature, they each have their benefits, drawbacks, and requirements. The advantages of an outdoor walk-in cooler include quick installation, easy food deliveries, and more space inside your building. The advantages of an indoor walk-in cooler include lower cost, easier access to contents, and reduced product theft.

2.    How much space do you need?

When it comes to a walk-in cooler, one of the most expensive mistakes you can make is buying a bigger one than necessary. The bigger your cooler is, the more expensive it will be upfront and the more power it will require to run, which means it will continue to cost you more throughout its lifetime. Also, consider that organization plays an important role in optimizing a refrigeration system’s capacity.

3.    How much cooling power do you need?

Depending on what you’re storing, you may need more or less cooling. Florists may only need cooling down to 42°F, while farmers storing fresh produce may need to cool down to 36°F or 37°F. Refrigeration system suppliers use a series of questions and a formula to determine what cooling temperature is right for your needs. Ambient temperature, incoming temperature, and the amount of produce you store all help determine your recommended cooling power.


Buying a walk-in cooler is a major purchase that will be integral to your successful business operations for years to come. You want to make the right choice for your unique needs and work with a design, installation, and maintenance team that provides excellent service.

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