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Plumbing is easy to take for granted until it stops working. Or worse, when an easily preventable issue costs a ton of money down the road, it’s easy to second guess yourself when an ounce of preventative maintenance would have saved your business hundreds, possibly thousands in repair costs.

Plumbing needs to be maintained as regularly as your HVAC, your roof, or any of your paved surfaces and the best way to make sure your commercial plumbing works reliably is to find and hire a reputable commercial plumber.

Here is what to look for:


Check the length of time the plumbing company has been in business. The is probably the most important factor to keep in mind when choosing a commercial plumber. How much knowledge and experience a commercial plumber has is more important than prices they charge or the fancy tools they have. As a facilities manager or property owner, you may be tempted to cut costs by choosing the cheapest option, but with plumbing, you get what you pay for and many newer companies or individuals may not offer the service to come back in case the job is poorly or half done. The experts at Legacy have a combined 70 years experience with plumbing systems and plumbing emergencies.


Check the company’s website to make sure they are proficient in the work you need to have done. If you need specialized work or if your facility has unique issues such as food production or hazardous chemicals, call the company and make sure they can handle what you need to have done. Nothing is more frustrating than having the plumber come to address an issue and find they are unqualified to handle it.


Where the plumbing company is located is often overlooked when the choice of commercial plumber is made. You don’t want a plumber that is too far away when you have an emergency. They need to be available to offer assistance quickly.

Customer Service

Your pipes may not care about customer service, but you definitely should when looking for a commercial plumber. The service should be done right the first time but if not, the company should stand behind their work and their employees and make it right without question. Prices and services should be clear well before the wrench touches any pipes, and the job and timeline should be completely clear.

Legacy Mechanical Can Handle It All

We have been serving the Denver area for more than 15 years and with our attention to detail, wealth of knowledge and experience, and our emphasis on getting the job done right the first time, we plan to be serving for many more. Our plumbing experts are always ready to address any type of commercial plumbing repair needed and are also equipped with the most advanced tools to accomplish any commercial plumbing repair job — whether big or small. Give us a call and let us show you what professional plumbing services really are.