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If your business relies on a commercial refrigeration system, you probably know about the problems that can arise. But have you looked into why these things happen? Here are three of the most common commercial refrigeration problems and their most likely causes.

Appearance of Ice or Frost

Ice and frost developing in a refrigerator or a freezer are extremely common problems. The most common causes include refrigerant leaks, poor or improper ventilation and airflow, and faulty door seals and gaskets. Ice and frost also can develop as a result of leaving the door open too long or opening it too frequently. To solve this problem, you can monitor how much and how often you and your employees open the door or interact with the system, but you also may want to have your system inspected for less obvious issues.

Temperature Maintenance Problems

If you’ve noticed your refrigerator or freezer is not keeping items cool, you could have a costly problem on your hands. If it isn’t taken care of, large amounts of material your business relies on could be lost. The cooling system may be failing due to an overheating compressor, but a dirty evaporator or condenser coil may be to blame. Other potential causes include relief valve leaks, as well as an undercharge of refrigerant or an incorrect oil-to-refrigerant ratio. Many of these causes can be avoided with preventive maintenance and routine system checks.

Loud, Unfamiliar Noises

While you may expect your commercial refrigerator or refrigeration system to make some noise, too much noise or particularly unfamiliar ones can indicate a problem. These noises might mean your system has a broken or misaligned fan motor or a compressor failure. If you notice your system is making unusual noises, you should have it inspected as quickly as possible.

Colorado Commercial Refrigeration

If you notice your commercial refrigeration system is developing any of these problems, please contact Legacy Mechanical Inc. today. We service all major brands and provide repairs for various refrigeration systems, including refrigerator rack systems, walk-in freezers, commercial freezers, and sealed systems. At Legacy Mechanical, our experienced team of technicians can provide timely, dependable service calls, and we offer reasonable refrigerator repair costs.

It’s easier on your business if you use preventive maintenance to spot potential problems before they become big ones. Maintaining refrigeration systems is important to us, and we want to make sure yours runs smoothly. If you have any questions, or if you want to know, for instance, how much a sealed system refrigerator repair costs, please contact us. We can help you find solutions that fit your system.