Our skills make us an industry leader


Our experts can accomplish any HVAC task — big or small.

Small HVAC Jobs

Our capabilities include completing all types of jobs associated with HVAC systems, whether large or small, we give the same precision and dedication to each project. We work closely with contractors, engineers, and building owners successfully which has strengthened our position as the leader in the HVAC services industry.

With 14 years of experience in the HVAC services industry and with a team comprised of expert technicians, Legacy Mechanical Inc. has developed the capabilities to fulfill all types of small HVAC jobs and the services required by our clients for HVAC systems as a single-source contractor.

Our team of certified technicians is always prepared to manage any HVAC job related to:

Big or small --

Legacy Mechanical will handle it all!

Large HVAC Jobs

When it comes to large HVAC jobs, a key advantage of Legacy Mechanical Inc. is our fully trained technicians are equipped for all kind of large-sized projects. Our capabilities include handling large-sized HVAC jobs in such a manner where we get it done right, within time, and correctly the first time. Our technicians have access to all the required tools and equipment along with extensive experience to maintain and repair equipment used in a large-sized industrial application of HVAC systems. At Legacy Mechanical Inc., we are also capable of providing preventative maintenance for industrial HVAC systems along with HVAC system designs, installations, and repairs. Our capabilities include diagnostics, taking corrective actions, and renovating industrial HVAC systems. To handle large HVAC jobs, we make sure that our equipment is continuously upgraded because this makes it possible for us to provide our clients with the highest-grade HVAC services.

With our capabilities, your most essential HVAC systems will be up and running in their best state with optimal efficiency throughout the year. We are capable of handling both small and large HVAC jobs in various commercial settings such as schools, hotels, hospitals, and manufacturing plants. With Legacy Mechanical Inc., no job is too big or too small.