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Denver HVAC and Mechanical Contracting

At 5,280 feet above sea level, the Mile High City of Denver has a birds-eye view of the country. We live in such a unique and thriving city. Towering mountains to one side, vast plans to the other. Nowhere else in the country is quite like Denver. Here are some facts you should know about this part of Colorado:

  • From our city, you can see 32 named peaks of the Rocky Mountains.
  • Golf balls go 10 percent further.
  • Alcoholic drinks pack a little more of a punch in the thinner air.
  • Within a mile radius, there are three major sports stadiums, a performing arts center, and three colleges.
  • Denver averages 300 days of sunshine every year.
  • Denver has the second highest educated population in the country.
  • Denver is a growing model for renewable energy and innovative local companies like Legacy Mechanical are leading the way in developing green, environmentally friendly industries, including HVAC. These energy saving innovations are transforming industries worldwide.
  • Our legendary open air auditoriums like Red Rocks have hosted U2, Eagles, the Beatles, Rush, Jimi Hendrix, Ray Charles, and other legends of music.

About Legacy Mechanical

Before there was a Legacy Mechanical, our principals, Keith Ford, Scott Krum, Donald Alstrup, and Eric Alstrup, were teaming up on some of Colorado’s most prestigious mechanical contracting projects including: Denver International Airport, Colorado State University, Coors Field, and Denver Health.

Knowing the caliber of each other’s work and sharing a commitment to building and maintaining superior systems, the four seized the opportunity to establish this firm in 2004. That stronger, smarter start is clearly reflected in today’s Legacy. Our skill, stability and safety record make us the contractor of choice for governmental agencies, commercial and retail enterprises, educational institutions, healthcare providers and industrial constructors.


Denver's Premier Mechanical Contracting Provider

Why Legacy Mechanical?

Your commercial HVAC system is an extensive network of moving parts, sensors, thermostats, burners, ductwork, and it is more complicated than most people give it credit for. The best friend your HVAC system has is a professional heating and cooling technician that is in tune with the nuances of their trade. Someone who can troubleshoot a heater just by listening to it turn on and off. This is the kind of expertise you get when you call Legacy. When your commercial HVAC system isn’t working as it should, a call to Legacy is all you need to begin to get things back to normal. We are experts at any traditional or advanced heating or cooling system and you can trust us to find the best, lowest cost solution to get it fixed.

We are committed to your success and our goal is to make sure the environment your building is controlled, comfortable, safe, and welcoming. By investing in our workforce, equipment, and the training of our technicians, we only provide the best possible value for our clients.

When you need professional HVAC repair, call Legacy Mechanical.