Safety is our responsibility


Our safety standards are award winning.

Safety Awards

When it comes to HVAC safety, Legacy Mechanical Inc. has been certified for cost-containment by the State of Colorado since 2005. We have been committed to extending the advantages of an EMR below 1.0 to our clients. The fundamental aspect of our safety program is a designated safety director who performs an active role throughout the project ranging from analysis to completion. Our constant training, audits, and re-certification efforts have rewarded us with following federal and local awards and recognition:

A safe workplace, is a productive workplace.

Legacy Mechanical is dedicated to keeping our employees and partners safe.

Safety Standards

At Legacy Mechanical Inc. safety is our top priority. We have always acknowledged the fact that HVAC technicians are vulnerable to a distinct set of hazards while they perform their jobs. Therefore, it has been one of our top priorities to provide our staff with the safest working environments. Our team of expert technicians is well trained to deal with all kinds of HVAC safety hazards, assuring the safety of themselves as well as our clients. At Legacy Mechanical Inc., our technicians are continuously updated to the latest HVAC guidelines. Whether we are dealing with a small HVAC job or handling a large sized industrial HVAC job, we always make sure that our technicians perform them in complete compliance with HVAC safety guidelines and manage all HVAC safety hazards in an effective manner. When it comes to HVAC safety, we provide our technicians with protective gear and tools for safety against harmful chemicals and avoiding shocks. We continue to develop our team into the safest HVAC technicians in Colorado.