A partnership with us is more than just business

Technology Partners

Our partners are your allies in contracting and HVAC.

HVAC Brands

  • Liebert
    Liebert is one of our technology partners that delivers climate controlled HVAC equipment for the data center needs of our clients. With Liebert as our technology partner, Legacy Mechanical Inc. ensures that your valuable data records are secured in a safe and low-temperature environment.
  • Mitsubishi
    With Mitsubishi as our technology partner, we can empower our clients to enjoy autonomous control of their environments within any area of their building. Legacy Mechanical Inc. allows building occupants to regulate their environment according to their own comfort level. We also provide building owners with an opportunity to minimize their use of energy.
  • Tranter
    Tranter HVAC Plate Heat Exchangers are capable of maintaining a continuous comfort zone for our clients with exceptional heat transfer proficiency and consistency in “liquid-to-liquid” or “steam-to-liquid” applications. At Legacy Mechanical Inc. we prefer Tranter HVAC products because they conserve floor area, are lightweight, and cost-effective.
  • LG
    LG is one of the leading manufacturers of air-conditioning systems at a global level, delivering complete sustainability, and establishing management solutions.
    LAARS Heating Systems is the leading boiler and water heater manufacturer for commercial heating.
  • ABB Drives
    Variable speed drives for HVAC by ABB Drives empower us to provide our clients with consistent motor control with a simple structure and incorporate flawlessly into building control systems.
  • NCI
    With NCI as our technology partner, our clients are provided with HVAC contractors with dedicated services and tools for business improvements.

To provide the best service, we partner with the best.

Our partners are industry leaders, just like LMI.

Full Service HVAC

At Legacy Mechanical Inc. we offer advanced technology including extensive capabilities of Building Information Modeling (BIM). It empowers us to provide our clients with high-grade services and a fulfilling consumer experience. It improves our preconstruction process by allowing our technicians to evaluate and analyze the most profitable course of action constantly. BIM is available in our workforce development via online training programs. It is also evident in the plasma cutters, which empowers our technicians to exhibit total accuracy in fabrication. All of our tools help support the planning, monitoring, and control to optimize our project outcome.