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Qualified Technicians

Legacy Mechanical Inc. aims to serve our clients as a reliable partner for HVAC systems installation, maintenance, and repair. We are easy to work with and deliver the highest standards of customer service. We assist in a wide range of commercial facilities by providing HVAC services.

Our qualified and honest technicians are determined to provide our clients with the complete management of their HVAC needs. Our technicians work together as a team to make sure we always deliver while remaining focused towards the best interest of our clients. At Legacy Mechanical Inc., we provide our technicians with regular training, which is necessary to keep them up to date on all the latest technology in an ever-changing field. This allows our team of qualified technicians to stay focused on excellence in health and safety, making sure that all installations and repairs of HVAC systems are carried out in complete compliance with up-to-date regulations. This makes us one of the most trustworthy service providers when it comes to repair, maintenance, and installation of all types of HVAC systems.

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HVAC Experience

Established in 2004, Legacy Mechanical Inc. has 14 years of experience in HVAC. However, even before the inception of Legacy Mechanical Inc., our founding members were fully experienced in HVAC systems. This provides Legacy Mechanical Inc. with a competitive edge with our extensive experience in HVAC services. This kind of experience with HVAC systems has been the major reason behind our growing skills, consistency, and safety practices. All of these capabilities are combined and result in making Legacy Mechanical Inc. the preferred choice as a mechanical contractor for governmental agencies, commercial and retail enterprises, educational institutions, healthcare providers, and industrial constructors.

Since our inception back in 2004, Legacy Mechanical Inc. has been one of the greatest, most advanced, and widely renowned full-service mechanical contracting firms in Colorado. Our dedication towards our clients has been the reason for our exceptional growth. Our substantial investment in our workforce, equipment, and the training of our technicians is the evidence of our dedication towards offering the best for our clients.