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If your organization is searching for a way to maximize energy savings, reduce operating costs, and simplify control systems, there is no better platform for accomplishing these goals than a building automation system (BAS). From HVAC systems and plumbing to lighting and security, a BAS offers a centralized solution for all of your mission-critical building operations. Why are more businesses and building owners adopting a BAS platform? In this post, we’ll explore just a few of the many short and long-term benefits BAS technology can offer.

Short-Term Benefits

Lower Operating Expenses

On average, deploying a BAS lowers operating expenses by 15% which translates to about $0.20 to $0.40 per square foot. Because a BAS intelligently monitors and optimizes building energy use, operational efficiency only grows over time.

Maximize Productivity

A more comfortable work environment means happier, more productive employees. Plus, a BAS allows your building maintenance team to focus on more mission-critical tasks that require a human touch.

Consolidate Management Systems

A BAS delivers a centralized user interface which allows your team to monitor and control all building systems in one place. Your team can see exactly what’s happening within your building as it’s happening. Gone are the days of having to get on the roof, crawl through the ceiling, or figure out where that switchboard is to assess the energy efficiency of your infrastructure. Plus, a BAS platform allows you to access your control platform from anywhere with network connectivity, so you can survey energy use and turn the lights off even if you’re on the other side of the globe.

Long-Term Benefits

Reduce Maintenance Costs

BAS controllers automatically monitor and manage your energy consuming systems, so they’re never running more than they should be. Automated management directly translates into reduced infrastructure wear and tear, so your equipment lasts longer with reduced risk of critical failure. That means your organization will spend less on maintenance and repairs both today and tomorrow.

Curb Rising Energy Expenses

A BAS offers more fixed, predictable energy expenses. Because you can see exactly how and where you’re using energy, it’s easier to forecast what your energy costs will be for a given month. With a deeper understanding of energy expenses, you can more effectively budget and protect your bottom line.

A Full ROI

One of the most significant benefits of deploying a BAS platform is that you can expect a full return on your investment. While the initial capital investment may seem intimidating at first, a BAS is intended to pay for itself by maximizing equipment lifetimes, optimizing day-to-day energy use, and boost your team’s productivity. Ultimately, that equates to an investment that covers its own cost and generates positive cash flow for your organization.

Your BAS Experts

If you’re ready to elevate your energy management platform to the next level, you need a team of experts on your side to help get your building under control. Contact the team at Legacy Mechanical today. We’ll work with you to clarify your energy goals and develop a solution optimized for your facility.