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Industrial facilities can’t function without clean, fresh, temperature-controlled air. If left unchecked, dust, smoke, and hazardous air particles can all conspire with heat produced by machinery and light fixtures to hurt productivity and bottom lines. Unbalanced climate zones, damp conditions, and poor air quality cause inefficiencies and safety concerns for managers to handle. While there are many HVAC solutions that can keep air clean and guarantee sufficient air change rates, high-volume, low-speed ceiling fans can be a highly cost-effective solution for most buildings. This article will consider the four major benefits of adding high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) ceiling fans to your facility.

Employee Safety

Poor ventilation and air circulation is a major threat to facility operations. High concentrations of fumes, dust, and hazardous particles can harm employee health, machinery, and products. Over time, a facility can suffer several negative consequences, including:

•    Employee fatigue, nausea, allergy, and general illness

•    Worker absenteeism

•    Compromised machinery performance

•    Sick building syndrome

HVLS can work in conjunction with HVAC exhaust ports to eliminate pockets of contaminants that linger in workspaces. Improved air circulation results in overall better air quality, which helps keep your employees and investments safe.

Temperature Control

Without consistent airflow, buildings with high ceilings will experience heat stratification. Cooler air will concentrate at floor level. Warmer air will concentrate at the ceiling. The temperature typically increases half a degree each foot, so the temperature difference between the floor and rafters of a 20-foot building would be about 10 degrees.

This heat stratification can create uneven pockets of hot and cold throughout a facility. This temperature imbalance can hinder sensitive and complex operations that depend on stable atmospheric temperatures. Fortunately, slow-moving blades de-stratify air composed of hot and cold pockets, giving the entire space a consistent climate.

Moisture Control

High humidity can wreak havoc in a facility filled with fresh inventory and important machinery. For instance, damp conditions in a food processing facility could cause disaster. If mold and bacteria are allowed to develop, production can be slowed, batches of product can be spoiled, and customers who consume contaminated food could even seek remuneration from the company. When exhaust systems and open windows aren’t enough to stabilize humidity, HVLS fans can help ensure low moisture by encouraging evaporation and circulating air efficiently. A HVLS fan’s ability to create evaporative cooling has been found to lower HVAC costs and even eliminate the need for more ductwork in certain spaces.

Energy Savings

Investing in robust HVAC systems to heat and cool a large space can be expensive. Design, installation, maintenance, and monthly energy cost can add up quickly. In fact, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, warehouses in the U.S. spend up to $0.60 per square foot in energy costs. Using HVLS fans can dramatically reduce this spending in several ways. HVLS fans achieve lower energy costs by achieving the following:

•    De-stratifying air reduces HVAC tonnage

•    HVAC equipment lasts longer

•    Expansive duct networks may not be needed in some space

•    Smaller fans are no longer needed

•    HVLS are inexpensive and long lasting compared to other equipment

HVLS fans can reduce energy costs by about 1 percent for every vertical foot. This equates to a 30 percent energy costs savings for certain facilities.


Installing HVLS fans in your facility is just one of the solutions Legacy Mechanical Inc. technicians use to meet your unique needs. HVLS fans are a simple solution that can improve your facility’s safety, temperature, humidity levels, and energy costs. Our technicians have worked with government agencies, large corporations, and school districts to design, build, and maintain functional and productive work environments. If you’re interested in learning more about how HVLS fans or similar technologies can optimize your facilities, reach out to Legacy Mechanical Inc. today.