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How often do you think about your building’s HVAC system? Is it something you prioritize, or do you only notice it when there’s a problem? Your HVAC system is one of the largest consumers of energy in your building, and it’s easy not to notice how much your employees and even your equipment can depend on its ability to run efficiently until something goes wrong. However, you can avoid many of those problems. Below are a few benefits of preventive commercial HVAC maintenance.

Preventive Maintenance Can Give Your Company an Edge

In 2011, the Building Efficiency Initiative found that effective preventive maintenance can reduce companies’ energy costs by 5 percent to 40 percent. They also found that fewer than half of companies spend money on preventive maintenance for their heating and cooling systems.

When you enter into an HVAC maintenance contract, you can prolong your system’s life and energy efficiency. By performing routine maintenance and keeping an HVAC maintenance checklist, you can give your company an edge over your competitors, who may not keep such a close eye on their commercial HVAC systems. You’ll also enable your business to run well because your employees will be comfortable and any sensitive equipment in your workplace, such as data centers, will remain stable and run well.

Your Building Will Become a Healthier Place

When you monitor your system with HVAC services, the indoor air quality of your building will improve. You’ll be changing the air filters and cleaning the air ducts much more often than you did before you decided to use commercial HVAC services, which will help clear the air and relieve any allergies that you and your employees may have been experiencing. Also, working with HVAC maintenance companies can allow you to examine and improve how well your system ventilates your building, which can improve the air as well.

Your Business Will Save Money in the Long Run

Spending money on routine maintenance checks and keeping a commercial HVAC maintenance checklist will allow you to save money on more expensive repair services that can occur when you simply allow your system to run until it fails. Having a maintenance agreement will let you keep tabs on your HVAC system and identify potential problems while they’re still small and manageable. For instance, checking your system’s thermostat settings regularly may prevent thermostat control problems from showing up in the future.

Colorado Commercial HVAC

At Legacy Mechanical Inc., our team of expert technicians will offer you customized preventive maintenance that will meet your building’s and your company’s needs. We can also offer a range of heating and air conditioning repair services, including emergency services.

However, we would like to help you prevent problems before they arise. Some of our preventive services include cleaning condenser and evaporator coils, changing air filters and oil belts, observing thermostat set points, and testing line and control voltages. Contact us today to begin your preventive HVAC maintenance.