Hvac Repair Vs. Replacement | Legacy Mechanical

For something that is so important to the comfort and well-being of the individuals inside, the heating, cooling and ventilation systems in your building are almost a complete afterthought, that is until they quit working. Here are some warning signs that your systems may need some professional attention:

Clogged filters – Your air filters should be changed every three months, sooner if your HVAC system is constantly running to keep the hot or cold weather at bay. The more air that moves through the system the more filtration you need. If you have been spotty about changing the filters it is possible that dirt and dust particles can bypass the filter and foul the components inside.

Mysterious noises – Have you or your employees noticed any strange noises during startup or operation that go beyond how the system usually sounds? Strange noises can be an indication that your system isn’t working properly and needs to be inspected by a professional.

Leaks – A pool of water around your unit may be easy to notice but difficult to diagnose. It could be a leaking pipe or condensation buildup on an external part. Regardless of the cause, this is also something that a trained professional will need to inspect.

Worn parts – If your building feels cold in the winter or just seems to have trouble keeping a constant temperature, the components may be worn to where you are losing performance. Just like anything that is used constantly, moving parts in your system like belts and motors can degrade. This is something a trained professional would have to look at to confirm, but if you catch a worn part and have it replaced before it becomes too much of an issue, it may slow other parts from wearing down.

Electrical issues – Even gas-fueled furnaces have electrical components and if they are not working properly they can waste fuel or cause the system to not work at all.

Age – Even with regular maintenance, older units are going to begin to fail after 10-15 years.  Further if the system is old enough and uses R22 refrigerant then it is a prime candidate for replacement.

Repair vs Replacement

When Legacy Mechanical comes to inspect your commercial HVAC system, we will tell you what the major issue is and give you an honest assessment of how best to approach the remedy. It can be hard to know when exactly is the best time to replace the system. Why pay to fix something that will just break again? On the other hand, why buy a new system when the current one still has another few years of service?

This is how a trained commercial HVAC service provider like Legacy can help you make these critical decisions. We can help you answer questions like:

  • How much will the repair cost?
  • Will delaying replacement be worth it in the long run?
  • Will a new system pay for itself with efficient operation and dependability?

We have helped businesses just like yours get the most out of their HVAC investment. If you suspect your HVAC is nearing the end of its useful life, call us today to schedule an inspection and discover why we are a trusted name in the HVAC industry in the Denver area.