Commercial plumbing isn’t nearly as simple as residential plumbing. Commercial buildings have more bathrooms, sinks, and drains which means more opportunities for things to go wrong. There are a few things you can do to address small issues before they become big problems. A major plumbing problem in your commercial building can be expensive to fix and may even shut your entire building down, resulting in closed doors and lost revenue.

Watch What You Flush

The only materials that should be flushed down a toilet are toilet paper and human waste. Educate your employees and put up signs for visitors and customers to remind them of this fact because anything else that is flushed down a toilet can become a clog that results in backup or overflow. Depending on where in the system this occurs, this can be expensive to fix.

Know Where The Emergency Shutoff Valves Are

If a pipe bursts, or if a toilet or sink overflows, make sure you and your employees know where the shut off valves are in your building and what they need to do to turn the water off completely in your building. A burst pipe may be accessible behind a wall and that bathroom toilet will keep overflowing until the supply is cut off. Shutting the water off in a timely manner will prevent any further water damage.

Insulate Your Pipes

When the temperature drops, standing water and condensation inside your pipes will expand that at best causes small cracks and at worst will make them fail altogether. Proper insulation around your pipes, especially in areas that are exposed to different thermal zones such as in a crawlspace or in a basement, can prevent damage from frozen pipes during cold winters.

Upgrade Old Pipes

How old is your building? Old pipes are inefficient and are prone to breaking since they take a great deal more stress than comparable pipes in a residential system. If your building is especially old, it may be cheaper in the long run to repipe your entire facility. It might be more cost effective to do this when you have other renovations planned to reduce the downtime and overall disruption to your business.

Don’t Neglect Small Problems

Small leaks can develop in any pipes. Even occasional drips from an improperly installed faucet can add up to significant costs on your water bills each year. And small leaks can be an indication of cracked gaskets or other issues that can grow bigger with time. Materials like grease, food waste, and garbage can slow drains down. While this might not be an immediate issue, it will become one when the drain is completely clogged.

Call Legacy Mechanical

A reliable, trained commercial plumber can spot issues before they become major, costly issues. For a consultation, call Legacy Mechanical and have one of our certified and licensed commercial plumbers examine and assess your entire system.