Gain efficiency through hydronics with LMI


We offer a variety of hydronic services for your entire building.

Hydronic Heating

Legacy Mechanical Inc. offers a range of services for all types of hydronic heating systems including:

  • Commercial electric hot water systems
  • Hydronic air handlers
  • Hydronic boilers
  • Hydronic baseboard heaters for commercial applications

We offer a full-service package of hydronic heating services or can look after the services needed on an individual basis. We provide a fixed pricing structure, so you know everything related to your hydronic heating system is being looked after without any surprises upon completion.

A hydronic heating system heats up the water and pumps it through sealed pipes into the radiators across the building. Some further usage of this sealed structure may include heating of floor slabs, towel rails, swimming pool heating systems, and any place in the building that may require heat. The hydronic heating heats up the water at its foundation with the exceptionally energy efficient gas boilers. Even though there are complicated factors necessary to assure that your hydronic heating system performs in its best state, at Legacy Mechanical Inc., our technicians are experienced in the installation and maintenance of these systems.

Hydronics can be a complex system.

That’s why you call Legacy Mechanical.

Installing a New Hydronic Heating System

Critical to the success of your hydronic heating system’s efficiency and effectiveness is starting with a strong design. A consultation is held with the client at the start of the process to ascertain precisely what the client wants and needs out of their hydronic heating system. These requirements lay the foundations of the design. We will make specific recommendations on products and installation techniques based around the individual client’s needs. When installing a new hydronic heating system, we provide a liaisons service to work with you, the builder, and other trades to make sure all of the infrastructures of the hydronic heating system is located in the correct places and connected to the other facilities, such as electrical and water supply.

At Legacy Mechanical Inc. we offer maintenance plans based on every individual system such as commercial electric hot water systems, hydronic air handler, hydronic boiler, and hydronic baseboard heaters. When it comes to designing a maintenance plan, at Legacy Mechanical Inc., we consider the age, condition, usage requirements, and location of the individual hydronic heating system to ensure you get a personalized, well-tuned system.