Choose a steam system partner for the long haul


A steam heating system can last for years to come when you trust your systems to LMI.

Steam Heating System Repair

One of the fundamental advantages of the steam heating system is their longer lifespan; we recommend at least a yearly maintenance in order to make sure in function without causing any trouble. A steam heating system is an older form of heating that has usually been installed in buildings constructed before the mid-20th century. It works by heating water in a boiler until it transforms into steam. This is then escalated via pipes into the radiators, making them warm and eventually warming up the building.

At Legacy Mechanical Inc. we can handle all kinds of steam systems. We also provide our clients with steam boiler system designs, steam heating system design, installation, and repair.

A steam heating system, including steam boiler control system, has been the most effective way to warm up commercial buildings. We provide service for all types of commercial buildings, which require steam trap repair and steam boiler repair. We also offer the replacement of steam systems such as steam boiler control system, steam gravity heating system, steam condensate system, and all other types of steam heating systems. Our skilled technicians are well trained in servicing all types of steam heating systems because steam heating systems can be extremely unpredictable. At Legacy Mechanical Inc., our expert technicians have the qualifications and experience to resolve the issue of banging and hammering pipes, which has been the most common trouble associated with a steam heating system.

Maintaining your system now, saves you headaches later.

Keep your building warm without the banging pipe noise.

Steam Trap Repair

Steam trap repair is the simple and cost-effective solution to repair a damaged steam heating system due to regular wear and tear. Stream trap repair is very economical as compared to the cost of the replacement of an entire system. In many situations, the body of most of the steam heating systems is in good condition.

Our steam trap repair kits deliver effective steam trap repair for all types of steam system including:

  • Steam boiler control system
  • Steam gravity heating system
  • Condensate return system
  • Steam condensate system

With Legacy Mechanical Inc., when it comes to steam heating system repair, there is no need to remove the steam trap from the line. We perform steam trap repair without causing any disruption to your business.