Hospital HVAC standards are a challenge we rise to meet


Hospital care needs careful attention.

Hospital HVAC Maintenance

At Legacy Mechanical Inc., we aim to deliver hospital HVAC maintenance to keep your hospital HVAC systems in line with the standards for hospitals. This will help you control the risk of hospital-acquired infections.

Appropriate hospital HVAC design is essential for updating or installing hospital HVAC systems. At Legacy Mechanical Inc., we offer hospital HVAC maintenance to make sure that your hospital HVAC system maintains the highest standards of performance throughout the day. Our expert technicians are entirely focused on delivering high-quality care with our inclusive hospital HVAC maintenance.

We can take care of your complete hospital HVAC systems including:

  • Low-temperature refrigeration
  • Boilers
  • Maintenance of hospital HVAC systems
  • IT closets
  • Plumping services
  • Backflow testing

You hold yourself to the highest standards.

Trust someone who follows suite – Legacy Mechanical.

HVAC Standards for Hospitals

At Legacy Mechanical Inc., we make sure that your hospital HVAC systems are in complete compliance with the HVAC standards for hospitals. Standards for hospitals ensure that your hospital HVAC systems are in their best state, providing enhanced indoor air quality, alleviate airborne transmission of infections, and deliver high-quality patient care. We make sure to provide a hospital HVAC design according to the HVAC standards for hospitals. This includes hospital HVAC systems that can keep the air clean throughout the facility to minimize the chances of infection carried through the air. We will design a system that transports unclean air out of the hospital while fresh air is continuously delivered into the sensitive areas such as operating theaters. Our Hospital HVAC design service ensures a combination of heating and air-conditioning devices, integrated to achieve the results beyond the expectations of our clients.

At Legacy Mechanical Inc., we provide hospital HVAC design and hospital HVAC maintenance that will benefit your facility by offering different temperature zones as per the HVAC standards for hospitals. At Legacy Mechanical Inc. we hire Medical Gas certified technicians for the Hospital HVAC maintenance. Our technicians are well-experienced in handling Hospital HVAC maintenance for small and large medical facilities.