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We can service your entire school system’s HVAC needs for replacement, repair, and retrofitting.

HVAC Systems Used In Schools

The reoccurring partnership of Legacy Mechanical Inc. and the Denver Public School System is visible evidence of their satisfaction with our HVAC property management services designed for schools. We have been successful in managing improved HVAC systems used in schools that are free of noise and are incredibly energy-efficient — essential attributes to a school’s HVAC system.

As the most trusted service provider for HVAC property management, Legacy Mechanical Inc. has managed to fast-track mechanical improvements for a 10-school, seven-school, and four-school projects.

Our technicians are trained and certified to handle HVAC systems used in schools including:

  • Replacement of boilers
  • Replacement of water heaters
  • HVAC systems
  • Cooling tower repairs
  • Maintaining school heating and air conditioning systems

We have also provided all the sheet metal work for the DPS’ new KIPP Sunshine Peak Academy charter school.

We are well equipped to address a wide range of concerns related to both newly installed and old-fashioned HVAC systems used in schools. This takes into account the constructing of functional stability between an energy efficient air conditioning system and providing the suitable volume of fresh air resolving indoor air quality issues.

Let your schools' HVAC systems

be Legacy Mechanical’s homework.

School Heating Systems Repair

At Legacy Mechanical Inc., we deliver swift and reliable school heating system repair services. Our well-trained and certified technicians understand the concerns associated with HVAC systems that are used in schools that eventually lead to the need for school heating systems repairs. This includes the management of heating the entire school premises ranging from classrooms to school halls and labs. School heating system repair is very similar to commercial businesses that rely on the quality of HVAC systems used to remain functional and provide a comfortable indoor environment for both teachers and students.

Legacy Mechanical Inc. has been a leading provider of HVAC property management services and inclusive HVAC systems used in schools with years of experience. Partnering with Legacy Mechanical Inc. means the HVAC systems used in your school will be managed by our expert technicians, committed to providing high-grade services, and guarantee your satisfaction.