Dependable piping is crucial to your HVAC system

Piping and Fabrication

We understand the need for custom pipe fabrication, that’s why we do it on-site.

Pipe Fabrication

At Legacy Mechanical Inc., pride in our work combined with our well-trained and skillful technicians results in high-quality and dimensionally accurate pipe fabrication. We cultivate and make use of complex welding techniques and computer application for fabrication management.

Welding piping components such as pipe, flanges, tees, and elbows into an engineered piping system, is the total process of pipe fabrication. At Legacy Mechanical Inc., we offer pipe fabrication in complete accordance with the design requirements of our clients. As one of our core capabilities, Legacy Mechanical Inc., is the preferred contractor when it comes to pipe fabrication. We take pride in fulfilling our clients’ requirements beyond their expectations concerning performance, design, cost, and delivery. At Legacy Mechanical Inc., we establish and make use of highly-skilled techniques for welding, production planning, and administration of pipe fabrication. Our dedication towards capitalizing the most advanced technology makes sure that we deliver better performance and consistency in addressing the needs for the accomplishment of the project.

Our custom shop won't just save you time,

It will also save you money.

Pipe Fabrication Shop

At Legacy Mechanical Inc., we have a leading-edge pipe fabrication shop on-site. We manufacture an extensive variety of high-grade piping systems aimed to suit perfectly for effective application and durable performance. Providing a controlled environment, our pipe fabrication shop enables us to provide our clients with a safer and more accurate product, while at the same time maintaining the highest levels of safety. We offer these services mainly to industrial clients, design firms, and engineers accountable for facilities. Engaging some piping structures such as chemical processing plants, refineries, paper mills, and steel mills, our pipe fabrication shop can help build the pipes you need to accomplish any project.

Our highly-skilled and trained team of technicians deliver any material and method of pipe fabrication. At our pipe fabrication shop, rigorous standards for quality control are followed, and pipe fabrication is streamlined to save a great deal of time and money during the complete process ranging from acquiring raw materials to the final stage of pipe fabrication. The mission of Legacy Mechanical Inc. has been to form a continuous partnership with our clients by providing them with inclusive and informative services that help them get the final product they want.