Choose LMI as your commercial plumbing partner


We want to address your plumbing issues before they happen.

Commercial Plumbing Services

Legacy Mechanical Inc. is your trusted commercial plumbing contractor that will make sure that your plumbing problems are addressed proactively and get resolved immediately. Our well-trained technicians can effectively solve all kinds of plumbing problems, ranging from a simple dripping faucet to repairing and replacing of a water main and sewer line.

Commercial plumbing is of high significance for any business. Since plumbing problems can be disastrous for commercial facilities, they can have an undesirable impact on your employees and visitors. Legacy Mechanical Inc. is your commercial plumbing contractor, offering experienced technicians to assess the problem and deliver a proficient solution. Our commercial plumbing services are aimed at treating the primary source of the plumbing problems, not just putting a band-aid on it. Among other commercial plumbing contractors, we are committed to the use of advanced technologies. Another essential part of commercial plumbing services is the cleaning of sewer and drains. Considering the importance of sewer and drain cleaning, our commercial plumbing services provide video plumbing inspection for a better and more effective solution to the real plumbing problem.

Proper plumbing is essential to any building.

We know how important it is, so we provide preventative services and repairs.

Commercial Plumbing Repair

Our commercial plumbing services include all kinds of commercial plumbing repair. At Legacy Mechanical Inc., we understand that your commercial facility requires a plumbing system in working condition to operate efficiently. Our commercial plumbing repair always makes sure that your plumbing problems are timely addressed quickly so that your business may get back to running smoothly. At Legacy Mechanical Inc. we understand that commercial buildings are largely dependent on a constant supply of water to carry out routine services. This has been one of the major reasons why our technicians are fully adept at finding on-site solutions in an emergency situation. Plumbing issues can result in unhealthy environments if not restored in time; that is why you need a partner like LMI.

Commercial plumbing by Legacy Mechanical Inc. offers the inspection of your plumbing and drain systems. This helps us to provide you with commercial plumbing repair before a plumbing problem disrupts your business. Our plumbing experts are always ready to address any type of commercial plumbing repair needed and are also equipped with the most advanced tools to accomplish any commercial plumbing repair job — whether big or small.