Increase property value and decrease energy bills, all in one step

Building Automation Systems

Control your building from one place.

Benefits of a Building Automation System

LMI’s building automation systems are dynamic, flexible, and fit all types of commercial and residential building designs. In our building automation system, we design a system that works toward ultimate customer satisfaction.

When you take assistance from LMI for Building Automation System services, there are many immediate and long-term benefits you get.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Increased Property Value: Commercial and residential buildings are both seen as a source of income for the property holder. Incorporating advanced technology for the maintenance through a building automation system increases the property value.
  • Decreased Utility Costs: An effective building automation system by LMI’s engineers can save the operating costs of the equipment through energy efficiency and less manual labor.
  • Easy Maintenance: Building automation systems from our expert engineers and designers give computerized controls and a monitoring system that takes immediate action in routine and unique days.
  • Reduced Maintenance: A building automation system does not only allow for easy maintenance, and it automatically reduces maintenance costs.
  • Productivity: A building automation system from LMI provides our clients with the benefit of a better environment and ambiance, increasing the productivity of their employees.

Other than these benefits, there are many others like a reduction in business loss due to the breakdown of equipment and the reduction in employee or residential complaints.

Tired of having to maintain and monitor your mechanical equipment?

A BAS will help reduce operations and keep your equipment running smoothly.

BAS Installation

A building automation system (BAS), structured and installed by LMI’s professional engineers and technicians integrates your HVAC system along with a computerized system to control and monitor your building’s overall mechanical and electrical operations and equipment.

This includes:

  • Security Systems
  • Lighting
  • Ventilation
  • Fire Systems
  • Power Systems
  • Security Systems

We install a state of the art control system that lets you perform handy operations and carry out maintenance of the building with efficacy. Our building automation systems and services include software installation required for active monitoring and remote controlling. On setup, we guide and provide the technical information on how your new building automation system works.

LMI’s team of engineers strives hard to provide flexible and dynamic services in upgrading or installing a building automation system that allows our clients and others to enjoy the benefits of BAS.