Maximize Property Value While Minimizing Utility Bills

Building Automation Systems

A centralized point of control for all of your commercial building operations.

BAS Installation

A building automation system (BAS), structured and installed by Legacy Mechanical’s professional engineers and technicians, intelligently integrates and synchronizes all of your buildings energy systems on one platform. Your building’s energy consumption is continuously monitored by a computerized system to control, monitor, and optimize your building’s overall mechanical and electrical operations and equipment. These integrated systems include:

  • Heating and Cooling
  • Security Systems
  • Lighting
  • Ventilation
  • Fire Systems
  • Power Systems
  • Security Systems

We design and install a state-of-the-art control system that lets you assess system status, perform handy operations, and carry out maintenance from one intuitive platform. Our building automation systems and services include software installation required for active monitoring and remote control. That means your team is able to monitor and control your building’s infrastructure from anywhere in the world with network connectivity. On setup, we guide your team with the requisite training and provide the technical information to maximize the potential of your BAS.

Inefficient building management strategies slowing your team down?

A BAS streamlines energy management and operations to keep equipment running smoothly.

Benefits of a Building Automation Systems

Legacy Mechanical’s building automation systems offer dynamic, flexible solutions that can be customized to fit all types of commercial and residential building designs. We design building automation systems to deliver the ultimate customer satisfaction with a centralized platform for all of your facility management systems.

When you partner with LMI for building automation system services, your business can enjoy a number of immediate and long-term benefits, including:

Increased Property Value

By installing a BAS at your facility, you can immediately maximize the value of your property. Incorporating advanced technology for maintenance through a building automation system increases the property value while adding a key selling point to your infrastructure. Even if your organization is considering selling your building in the near future, a BAS can get you more for your building, potentially covering the cost of the upgrade.

Decreased Utility Costs

A comprehensive building automation system designed by LMI’s engineers can significantly reduce your operating expenses by curbing utility bills. Because a BAS continuously monitors and optimizes energy usage, you can expect energy savings both today and in the future. By reducing energy expenses, our BAS solutions are designed to pay for themselves, deliver a full ROI as quickly as possible, and eventually generate positive cash flow for your organization.

Simplified Maintenance

Building automation systems from our expert engineers and designers empower your team with digital controls and a monitoring system customized for your facility. A BAS streamlines facility management by making it easier to pinpoint problems and find a solution quickly.


A building automation system from LMI offers your team the benefit of improved air quality and comfort, increasing organizational productivity. A BAS makes it easy to ensure the comfort of your employees, clients, and vendors at all times.

The Commercial Energy Efficiency Experts

LMI’s team of engineers strives to provide flexible and dynamic services in upgrading or installing a building automation system that allows our clients and others to enjoy the benefits of BAS. Contact us today and we’ll work with you to start exploring possibilities for your BAS solution. Tell us what your energy goals are, and we’ll build a platform that transforms those goals into a reality for your organization.