Cooling towers are a great space-saving option

Cooling Tower Service

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What Does An HVAC Cooling Tower Do?

The Legacy Mechanical Inc. is known for the delivering best-engineered solutions for HVAC systems. LMI’s HVAC systems incorporate precise placement and the designing of HVAC cooling towers for both residential and commercial use.

LMI’s expert technicians, engineers, and teams develop HVAC systems with cooling towers that best utilizes the space given. By understanding the space constraints in residential as well as commercial projects, we can design a system for any size space. Our engineers understand that cooling towers are an important part of an HVAC system. Therefore, they test the working of the cooling towers several times before the final installation is complete.

Cooling towers are used to eliminate the excess heat of the chiller. The HVAC system cooling towers transfer the heat from the water to the exhaust air through the process of evaporation. The heat from the system is cast off from the circulating water in the system by vaporizing a small percentage of it. There are 2-3 kinds of cooling towers that HVAC systems may use, but not all are as efficient as water-cooled chillers because they reject heat close to wet-bulb temperatures whereas air-cooled chillers reduce the heat at higher dry-bulb temperature. LMI’s custom designed HVAC cooling towers play a vital role in the overall air conditioning system for buildings of all kinds such as hospitals, schools, malls, and office buildings — especially ones that are situated in a relatively hot climate. Our technicians work hard to develop cooling towers for HVAC systems that are environmentally friendly and more efficient than the old-schools procedures for removing heat from the buildings.

Legacy Mechanical delivers a system designed for your needs.

We even refurbish or replace our own work years down the road.

HVAC Cooling Tower Repair

LMI’s engineers design HVAC systems with efficient and low-maintenance cooling towers and considering all the factors:

  • Outer environment
  • Climatic conditions
  • Infrastructure
  • Needs of our clients

But sometimes HVAC chiller cooling towers are exhausted or poorly maintained. At Legacy Mechanical Inc., we provide services for cooling tower maintenance as frequently as a client or their system needs. With our excellent services in engineering HVAC systems, we also promise to refurbish facilities for HVAC cooling towers along with cooling tower fill replacement.

LMI offers all of these services at a low fill replacement and refurbishing cost with engineering solutions that best fit your budget and needs.