HVAC retrofitting can be less expensive than a whole new system

HVAC Retrofitting

An affordable solution that meets your long-term goals.

HVAC Retrofit Design

Legacy Mechanical Inc. is trusted by businesses of all sizes in just about every industry for our thoughtfully engineered HVAC systems. We work with our clients to develop HVAC solutions optimized for both commercial and residential buildings. Also known for our technology-driven HVAC retrofit designs for commercial HVAC systems, LMI has the hands-on experience it takes to elevate your commercial HVAC platform to new levels of efficiency. You tell us what your energy goals are, and we develop a solution built around those goals.

HVAC retrofitting is an ideal option for clients who are looking to save on energy expenditures while minimizing capital investment. Whether you’re moving your business to a new location, or you want to replace outdated HVAC equipment, retrofitting allows you to unleash the power of the latest energy-efficient equipment while making the most of your existing infrastructure.

A complete overhaul of your existing commercial HVAC system represents a substantial capital investment. Your system may not yet be old enough to justify a holistic replacement. At LMI, our team develops HVAC retrofit solutions that achieve an optimal balance between cost and results. We make it simple to enact energy efficiency measures with high-quality retrofits designed to save you money from day one and deliver a full return on investment.

Our engineers incorporate energy-efficient add-ons and features by retrofitting your current HVAC system. Our HVAC retrofit designs are flexible, dynamic, and can be designed to fit just about any commercial HVAC system. HVAC retrofit designs are meant to reduce the financial burden, not just today, but in the long run as well. Our HVAC Retrofits are flexible with state of the art technology so that they can bear any future rearrangements of and occupants in the building.

Our commercial HVAC system design for cost-effective retrofit includes:

Make the most of your existing HVAC!

Maximize the lifespan and energy efficiency of your HVAC systems.

Benefits Of An HVAC Retrofit

LMI’s HVAC retrofitting can deliver numerous benefits, including:

Energy Savings

Retrofitting offers both short-term and long-term cost savings by optimizing your system’s energy consumption for year-round performance. Our retrofit solutions are designed to save you money from day one and eventually pay for themselves.


Flexibility is critical to the ongoing success of your business. HVAC retrofits afford you the flexibility to experience the benefits of upgraded infrastructure without having to tie up substantial capital in commercial HVAC services.

Improved Lifetime of HVAC System

Retrofitting allows you to maximize the lifespan of your existing HVAC equipment. By proactively upgrading critical parts of your system, you can potentially increase its operational life by a few years or more. Every year you can forgo a full HVAC replacement is another year you can focus on investing in other avenues for growth.

Advanced Technology

Retrofitting old or defective parts for your HVAC system allows your team to integrate new and advanced technology into your system. That way, your organization can benefit from the latest HVAC developments without tying up too much capital in your HVAC.

Increased Productivity

By retrofitting your heating and air conditioning systems, you can maximize air quality and comfort for everyone at your facility, including clients, vendors, employees, and visitors. A more efficient HVAC solution allows your employees to work efficiently and more comfortably while reducing downtime. At the same time, a retrofit solution mitigates the risk of a critical HVAC system failure that can lead to revenue loss and missed opportunities.

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Legacy Mechanical Inc. HVAC retrofitting services offer your organization a seamless retrofitting experience that’s optimized for your existing infrastructure for minimal downtime. We work with you to develop a plan, manage your project, streamline timelines, and measure results to start saving you money with a more efficient commercial building.