HVAC retrofitting can be less expensive than a whole new system

HVAC Retrofitting

An affordable solution that meets your long-term goals.

HVAC Retrofit Design

Legacy Mechanical Inc. is trusted for our well-engineered HVAC systems for commercial and residential buildings from our lifelong clients. LMI is also known for its technology-driven HVAC retrofit designs for commercial HVAC systems.

HVAC retrofitting is a great option when our clients are looking to save on energy and expenditures while moving their business to a new site or before entirely replacing the poor performing old HVAC equipment. Replacing an old commercial HVAC system altogether with a new one can be a significant capital expenditure and waste energy. Therefore, LMI offers HVAC retrofit designs that embrace all your needs related to proper air conditioning within your business. Our engineers incorporate energy-efficient add-ons by retrofitting your old HVAC system. Our HVAC retrofit designs are flexible, dynamic, and can fit any commercial HVAC system. HVAC retrofit designs are meant to reduce the financial burden, not just today, but in the long run as well. Our HVAC Retrofits are flexible with state of the art technology so that they can bear any future rearrangements of the infrastructure and occupants in the building.

Our commercial HVAC system design for cost-effective retrofit includes:

Our retrofitting has many benefits!

Get better energy efficiency and a longer lifespan for your HVAC systems.

Benefits Of An HVAC Retrofit

LMI’s HVAC retrofitting can provide our clients with several other benefits:

  • Energy Savings: Retrofitting can be a solution to your year-long problems of energy consumption and save more energy in the long run.
  • Flexibility: Flexibility is an important aspect of commercial infrastructure and retrofitting HVAC system can give this opportunity to our clients for future expansion.
  • Improved Lifetime of HVAC System: Retrofitting allows us to enhance the life expectancy of your overall HVAC system.
  • Advanced Technology: Retrofitting old or defective parts of HVAC system allows to integrate new and advanced technology into the system.
  • Efficient Work: An improved air conditioning system with retrofitting allows your employees to work efficiently and more comfortably with less downtime.

Legacy Mechanical Inc. HVAC retrofitting services give our clients a seamless experience. As we discuss the blueprint, analysis, project management, time duration, and minimum capital budget for the project with you, rest assured we’ll help you save energy and capital over the next couple of years.