Clean rooms require the highest standards in HVAC

Clean Room

An HVAC clean room system requires extensive training that Legacy Mechanical will provide.

Clean Room HVAC Design

Legacy Mechanical Inc. knows that HVAC systems work as the heart of a clean room, and our engineers’ design clean room HVAC systems with the precise measurement of each parameter required by our clients.

The engineers and technicians at Legacy Mechanical Inc. are well trained in the designing needs of the HVAC systems in a clean room. Though some clients confuse clean room HVAC system with the conventional HVAC systems, in reality, a clean room HVAC system is more complicated. It needs precise measurements of the various parameter and the integration of designs that control these parameters. Clean room HVAC equipment is responsible for controlling pressure, temperature, air, cleanliness, and room humidity. Clean room HVAC designs are complicated and need expert engineering knowledge along with years of experience to execute the final product correctly. Legacy Mechanical Inc. engineers are trained professionals in clean room HVAC, and work in compliance with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for clean rooms, specifically for our clients and following the process that will take place inside each room. Clean room HVAC systems designed by Legacy Mechanical Inc. incorporate HVAC air handling units (AHU) that are excellently engineered to control heating, cooling, and the filtration of air with the appropriate measurements. They also include HEPA filters, air return, the diffuser, ductwork, and a system for monitoring and control. Our engineers take into account the precise air flow cubic feet per minute (CFM) by taking several measurements on-site.

We think of everything, from ease of maintenance to continuity of care.

Trust Legacy Mechanical to be the experts that provide you clean room HVAC.

Clean Room HVAC Maintenance

Legacy Mechanical Inc. provides Interaction Technology that allows the convenient movement of materials and people in the clean room area and provides easy maintenance of clean room HVAC units and equipment. Our maintenance strategy includes equipment redundancy and the cleaning of units outside of the clean room. Easy maintenance is also a result of space constraints considered by engineers at Legacy Mechanical Inc.

Our team of engineers and our workforce at Legacy Mechanical Inc. strives hard to make a well designed and low-maintenance clean room HVAC system customized according to your needs.