Maintaining your data center's environment is our top priority

Data Center HVAC

What Is Mission Critical HVAC?

Legacy Mechanical Inc., known for its excellent maintenance work, develops HVAC systems for data centers, which can face any critical situation. Our HVAC designs for data centers are remarkable, and with state-of-the-art engineering designs, we can keep your mission-critical information safe.

Mission critical HVAC facilities for data centers are necessary for the continuous functioning of computer data storage and server warehouses. These facilities are needed to overcome any unpredictable or unexpected maintenance issues within a data center. Legacy Mechanical has provided mission critical HVAC services to a number of its data centers ensuring 100% HVAC up-time. HVAC mission critical facilities focus on zero downtime risks, a high degree of redundancy, and reduced maintenance costs.

Our HVAC systems are integrated with:

  • Distant Monitoring
  • Backup System
  • Consistent Backup Plans
  • No-time in failure analysis

Data centers' HVAC require a higher standard.

You can depend on our years experience for your mission critical HVAC.

Data Center HVAC

At LMI our field expert technicians and engineers understand that data centers are the brain of any organization and they are extremely important for data storage, management, and the distribution of the data. Because data center HVAC requirements are critical and vital for the continuous daily work in any organization, our technicians develop a clear and custom plan for your data center that fit your needs. Our up-to-the-minute data center HVAC designs come with years of experience we have contributed to this field and the customer satisfaction we have achieved in a number of our projects. With the ever-increasing success in automation and maintenance in numerous construction projects, LMI promises to work closely with our clients. From the blueprint of the data center to the final step of HVAC installation, our engineers give a smooth and easy to follow plan for our clients and discuss each step. Our internally engineered HVAC systems and our data centers’ HVAC units are tailored according to the space and infrastructure of your site.

LMI’s teamwork, ethics, and characteristics allow us to surpass others in this field and deliver a remarkable data center HVAC specifically designed for you.