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Summer is almost here, and now is a great time to make sure your heating and cooling system is in great working order before temperatures begin to rise. Preparing your heating and air conditioning before the height of summer will allow you to fix any existing problems before HVAC maintenance companies’ prices hit their peak, which is usually when cool air consumption reaches its high point. Here are two big tips for improving your commercial HVAC maintenance checklist before warmer weather hits:

Check and Replace Air Filters

You and your team can check and replace your air filters yourselves in a matter of minutes. Replacing an old air filter can help relieve seasonal allergies, and it’s a relatively inexpensive repair. By changing the filters, you can easily improve your building’s indoor air quality and prevent costly repairs that may occur in summer or winter, the two seasons when you use your HVAC system the most. We recommend that you replace your air filters monthly. This will help maximize your system’s energy efficiency and prevent many avoidable problems that could lead to revenue loss and downtime for your team.

Check for Possible Upgrades

Running an energy audit on your HVAC equipment will help you figure out whether your system would benefit from an upgrade. Upgrading your equipment where possible can save you time and money in the long run because a small upgrade now may prevent a major system breakdown at the height of summer. Choosing to upgrade your HVAC system before the peak of its summer use also will help increase its energy efficiency.

Schedule Routine Maintenance

Scheduling a routine maintenance check allows you to examine any existing problems and determine how to fix them. Without a maintenance check, these problems could fester, causing your air conditioning system to break down at the time of year you need it most. You can obtain this routine maintenance by signing an HVAC maintenance contract. A contract that gives you access to routine maintenance can be more cost effective than simply waiting for an expensive emergency to happen. At Legacy Mechanical, we offer three- and six-month preventive service contracts. Quarter- and half-year contracts allow your systems to receive annual maintenance and alleviate any wear and tear on air filters, electrical components and condenser and evaporator coils.

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If you’re planning to prepare your HVAC system for summer, contact our team of experts at Legacy Mechanical Inc. We can work with you to determine how best to repair and upgrade your system so it will keep your building cool throughout the summer. From small upgrades to emergency HVAC services, we can meet all your HVAC needs and work with you to make sure your systems run with maximum efficiency.