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For decades “building automation” meant setting the thermostat and watching the HVAC system work to maintain that temperature. Thermostats don’t adjust themselves, keep statistics, work remotely, or even know what the internet is. They just see 72 degrees and tell your HVAC system to keep it there.

We live in an age where your refrigerator can email you to tell you that you need milk. Your TV pays attention to the shows you watch and suggests others that you might like. Our lives are becoming more and more automated all for the purpose of optimizing your operations and outcomes and this extends to your business.

Building automation and smart HVAC technologies have come a long way too and they can really make a difference to how efficient and productive your company and your building really can be. They are a logical, cost-effective, and traditional solutions to addressing the issue of wasted energy.

While they do require an initial investment, maintenance, and training to use properly, the benefits are significant, and long-lasting.

Smart HVAC technology makes your entire heating and cooling system efficient.

One of the largest expenses of running an office building or warehouse is the cost of keeping it comfortable for the people and equipment inside. When you invest in building automation you get more control over every nuance of your HVAC which allows you to directly lower energy consumption and cut costs. You can also control your building’s HVAC remotely. This means energy is consumed only when it is needed.

The benefits of smart HVAC systems doesn’t stop at enhanced controls, you will also get full reports of energy consumption which allows you to identify exactly where your money is going. If your equipment is consuming more energy or if heated or cooled air is being lost, your system will be able to tell you.

Building automation controls can tie other systems together.

Smart HVAC controls are a component of what amounts to a centralized network that combines controls for various functions including:

  • Lighting and shades – How much energy is lost to lights being left on? And those skylights can be shaded to control lighting and heat.
  • Security – The building automations system can combine with security functions such as video monitoring, alarm systems, and building access controls. Depending on how sophisticated your security system is, this can include security messages sent to certain individuals or the ability to monitor video feeds remotely.
  • Safety – Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors can also interface with building automation to provide reports or even contact emergency services when needed.
  • Electrical output – Some Smart buildings can even measure the amount of current passing through your electrical outlets. This gives you yet another opportunity to save both energy and money.

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If you are interested in reducing your costs and transforming your building into a model of efficiency, call Legacy Mechanical today. We can help you choose and install a state-of-the-art control system that lets you perform handy operations and carry out maintenance of the building with efficacy. Our building automation systems and services include software installation required for active monitoring and remote controlling. On setup, we guide and provide the technical information on how your new building automation system works.

You can’t go wrong when you invest in the energy efficiency and cost effectiveness of your building, contact Legacy Mechanical today!