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With spring finally here, now’s the ideal time to assess your air conditioning systems and ensure they’re ready for summer. Taking care of HVAC equipment maintenance during the spring offers you peace of mind knowing that your system is operating at peak efficiency and prepared for the rigors of summer. At the same time, you can minimize the risk of a costly summer breakdown that slows you down when HVAC contractors are at their busiest. Here are three springtime maintenance tips you can follow right now to prepare your HVAC systems for summer while potentially saving your team time and money in the long run.

Change Air Filters

Simply swapping out old air filters for new ones is one of the most straightforward and cost-effective maintenance strategies you can take advantage of right now. Filters are relatively inexpensive, and your team can change them out in a matter of minutes. Fresh filters for the spring and summer ensure that your system is prepared to run at maximum efficiency. If you or someone on your team suffers from seasonal allergies, consider upgrading to filters specifically designed to filter out allergens. That way, you can optimize system performance while improving air quality and comfort for everyone in your building.

If you’re wondering how often you should be changing out air filters, we recommend replacing them on a monthly basis for commercial facilities because it’s one of the quickest and most economical ways to prevent inefficient or damaged equipment. At the same time, regularly replacing filters maximizes the lifespan of your equipment. If monthly replacement seems too frequent, you should at least be changing air filters at the beginning of each season, spring included.

Conduct an Energy Audit

Your HVAC system consumes the most energy during the height of summer and winter. That makes springtime an ideal time to conduct an energy audit of your HVAC infrastructure. Total up how much your current HVAC systems are costing you in utility bills and pinpoint ways you could be saving money. Have you been putting off an energy efficiency upgrade? Chances are, that small upgrade can pay for itself sooner than you think for a full return on your investment. By completing any updates in the spring, HVAC contractors are able to offer you more competitive pricing and expedited project timelines because they aren’t as busy as they are in the summer. At the same time, a spring efficiency upgrade maximizes your summertime savings by ensuring your system performs at peak levels throughout the summer.

Schedule an AC Maintenance Appointment

While the above offers simple strategies to maximize the value of your HVAC investment, you have to understand when it’s time to call in a professional heating and cooling partner. Fine-tuning your equipment for spring and summer performance falls under that category. If you’re looking for a long-term solution, an HVAC maintenance contract can quickly pay for itself in the event that you experience a critical failure.

By reducing the risk of system breakdowns that quickly leads to downtime and revenue loss, a routine maintenance agreement is designed to protect your business. Maintenance visits keep you ahead by upgrading equipment, checking refrigerant levels, inspecting parts, and calibrating equipment, meaning your team has one less thing to worry about. After all, making the time for an hour-long maintenance appointment in the spring is a lot easier than having to deal with a day-long system repair at the height of summer. Plus, an ongoing HVAC service partner takes the time to understand your unique infrastructure and deliver priority service, so they can pinpoint problems and find a solution faster than anyone else.

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Whether you want to schedule a springtime HVAC maintenance appointment, or you’re ready to explore that efficiency upgrade, contact the HVAC experts at Legacy Mechanical today. For everything from emergency service to long-term service contracts, we’re here for all of your heating and air conditioning needs.