Commercial Hvac Maintenance | Legacy Mechanical

Colorado winters are not known for being kind to your commercial HVAC system. We get snow, we get rain, we get straight line winds that batter your roof and outdoor units. And when the temperature drops, as it always does, the machinery inside has to work twice as hard just to maintain a comfortable temperature for everyone inside.

Add to this, the doors always opening and closing, and hordes of people spending more time indoors to escape the elements outside and you have some machinery that has worked overtime for months.

This is why it’s a good idea when the weather warms and everything thaws to take some time to inspect your system before the temperatures head the other way. One broken part or clogged vent or worn apparatus can mean costly repairs down the road if they are not caught soon enough. Here are some required spring maintenance tips for your HVAC system to make sure it is in top shape for the summer months.

Replace Your Filter

You’ll be surprised at the amount of stuff your air filters clear from the air. And your commercial building has more people coming and going and tracking in so much dust and dirt from outside that you should be changing the filter every 30 days during the summer months. Aside from dirt and dust, your filter also removes allergens and even viruses from the air which can clog quickly. When this happens, air stops flowing freely, and the system has to work harder to keep up which can lead to higher energy costs and costly maintenance issues. Further, if the filter isn’t filtering, then you’re just cycling the dirt and dust back into the public areas. Replace your filter regularly and according to the manufacturer’s specifications if you want your HVAC system to keep its efficiency.

Check The Thermostat

Chances are your thermostat got quite a workout during the winter keeping the heating system regulated and warm temperatures maintained. Soon it will need to use different machinery and spring is the time to make sure things are still working properly. Turn the AC on and set a low temperature and observe how your system responds. If the system makes any strange noises or doesn’t blow cold air at all, or if nothing happens, call Legacy Mechanical right away. A system that struggles to maintain a cool temperature or doesn’t even reach that temperature needs professional maintenance. Also, this is about the time to consider a programmable thermostat, if you don’t already have one. The advances in smart technology means you can control the temperature in your building without physically being there.

Inspect Your Exterior Units

The winter may have broken something and if it didn’t, there are probably branches and debris blocking the air intakes. Now is the time to make sure everything is connected and there are no signs of damage.

Call For Routine Commercial HVAC Maintenance

These are all easy things you can do yourself but the best way to make sure your commercial HVAC system is ready for warm weather, is to call Legacy Mechanical. Not only can we handle all the tasks above, but we are trained to spot damage and problems that you will most likely miss.

Your HVAC system is an investment and the only way to be completely sure it lasts as long as you need it to is to have the technicians at Legacy Mechanical give it a routine check up. Call us today to schedule a spring check up.