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When you realize your building needs an HVAC installation or a major repair, choosing a contractor for the project might seem overwhelming. There are so many options, so how can you decide which one will provide the services you need? Here are a several pieces of information to look for when you’re selecting a contractor for your next project.


Make sure the contractor you choose is accredited and licensed so you can be certain you’re working with a trained professional. The Better Business Bureau has a listing of accredited contractors with high letter grades and another listing of all Denver-area contractors that have a range of letter grades, and many of that have no BBB accreditation. If you use these two lists, you may end up choosing a contractor from the first list, but the second can be helpful because it allows you to compare a BBB-accredited HVAC company to one without it.

Another way you can check accreditation is to go through an annual list of contractors, like the one compiled by the Denver Business Journal, and cross-check it against the Air Conditioning Contractors of America’s locator database. The ACCA’s website also has a section all about accreditation if you want to learn more about it.

Licensing and Bonding

The state of Colorado has no licensing requirements for general contractors, but the city of Denver does. Similarly, Colorado has no statewide requirements for bonding, but the cities of Denver and Arvada do. A surety bond is an agreement between the contractor, the state, and the bonding company that ensures the contractor will comply with local tax and building codes, and it protects the public and the state against unfair dealings with contractors. If you’re looking for commercial HVAC services in Denver, make sure the contractor you plan on working with can provide licensing and bonding documents.


You’ll want to make sure your contractor is certified through an organization like NATE. Often, contractors have certification patches displayed on their uniforms, so that is something you should look for.

Communication and Transparency

In addition to accreditation, you’ll want any and all mechanical installation contractors you work with to be great communicators who put everything in writing. All quotes they give you for your project should be in writing. Mechanical contractors also should be transparent about delivery and installation times and any delays that may occur during the entire process. Overall, your contractor should be someone you can trust to service your commercial HVAC system in an honest, straightforward way.

Additionally, when you sign a contract for commercial HVAC installation or any sort of mechanical contracting, you should make sure the contract clearly outlines the dates heating and air conditioning services will be performed, a clear breakdown of labor and equipment costs, deadlines for the project, and payment due dates. With everything spelled out in writing, you’ll know the contractor will deliver the HVAC system installation on time and with reasonable costs.

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If you’re looking for a reliable contractor to install your HVAC system or any HVAC ductwork, contact Legacy Mechanical Inc. today. We will work with you to make sure the installation fits your building’s and your business’s needs.