It is entirely possible that your industrial business doesn’t have a proficient welder on staff or at worst, an employee trained in basic welding techniques. Welding is a developed skill. There are so many nuances to a proper weld that the ability to join two pieces of metal together permanently is almost an art form. There will be times when you need to find a trained, certified welder for either a project or to repair broken machinery.  Here are some things to keep in mind when hiring one:

Trust a Certified, Trained Partner

At the very least, the industrial welder your hire must have a basic welding or cutting certificate or a pipe welding certificate, preferably from a Colorado welder certificate program in case the training needs to be verified at a later date.

Invest in an Experienced Welder 

Certification and education is only half of the equation, maybe even less if you need them to do some complicated welds. Ask the welder if he or she has worked in your industry before or even the kind of machinery you are using. Better yet, if there is time beforehand, see if you can look at previous work the welder has done. A good weld should have a uniform width with even spacing between ripples, and have no porosity (holes). A good welder will have nothing to hide and be proud of their work.

Clearly Define the Project Scope

Have a conversation with the welder before you get them working on the task. There is nothing more frustrating than taking the time to explain what you need to have done, and those directions not being followed.

Make Sure the Work is Guaranteed

If the weld breaks, will the welder come back to fix it for free? Is the welder insured? Your equipment is expensive and f the welder is working on a project, you most likely will have invested plenty of time and money in it. A good welder guarantees their work, which means they will do it right the first time.

Trust Legacy Mechanical for your Welding Needs

A good welder can be hard to find but look no further than Legacy Mechanical for any of your industrial welding needs.

Our decision to complement our full-service mechanical expertise with strong industrial service capabilities has resulted in our becoming a premier contractor of choice in the Rocky Mountain region. The proof is visible from the Miller Coors brewery in the foothills of Golden to the Pawnee Generating Station in Brush and beyond. Call us today to find out how our metal fabricating, industrial pipe, and quality welding services can help you accomplish your next project or urgent need.