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Back to the Basics of Combustion Performance Testing

When the outside temperature begins to drop, commercial spaces start to turn up the heat inside. For buildings operating with combustion equipment, it’s important to assess these appliances periodically to ensure proper performance.

What is combustion?
Combustion involves the process of heating air by igniting a fueling source (oil, propane or natural gas), then using a blower to spread it throughout a building’s duct system. Cooled air returns to the furnace through a different duct system, and the process begins again. But because this process involves the release of exhaust gases and pollutants, it’s imperative to the health and safety of your building occupants that you periodically test furnaces and boilers to ensure a safe fuel-to-air ratio.

Industry professionals recommend testing at least once per year, particularly during the seasonal transition from fall to winter. To perform a thorough combustion analysis, your HVAC tech will use a handheld device designed to accurately test, measure and report on your facility’s particular fueling source.

Combustion testing delivers a number of benefits to your business by increasing energy efficiency, boosting occupant comfort (and safety), extending service life and saving time and money.

If your facility is interested in performing a combustion analysis, contact our team of professionals to help maintain your heating equipment!

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